Lactoferrin demonstrates effective neutralisation of Corona mutations

Date: 20.07.2021Source: Mercurius Production



The iron-binding glycoprotein lactoferrin which is produced naturally by all mammals and forms an integral part of the immune system, exhibits many biological properties. These properties have been tested and proven in numerous in vitro and in vivo trials and studies. At the same time, its potential application for therapeutic use has been increasingly highlighted.

Lactoferrin is predominantly sourced from bovine milk. In addition to its influence on iron regulation and antimicrobial activity, it is lactoferrin’s antiviral properties which, pertinent to the continuing Corona pandemic, are currently of particular interest.

In the process of establishing its own lactoferrin-production, Mercurius Production GmbH has focussed on the product’s many and varied uses and biological properties. Here, the quality of the “red protein” obtained from cow’s milk is paramount: In addition to purity, a significant aspect is the elimination – and more specifically the separation – of impurities (endotoxins, angiogenins), which has been made possible by the company’s newly developed purification process. The result is a highly-purified, raw material which can be used in a variety of products like cosmetics, health supplements, dietary foods, baby food and also in clinical studies.

Generally, two main biological activities of the protein are used as evidence of its functionality: Firstly, the original protein function, that of iron-binding (lactoferrin belongs to the group of transferrins), which also provides additional, indirect conclusions about the intact protein structure.

Secondly, the protein’s antibacterial effect on various strains of E.coli bacteria.

The testing of the antibacterial effect shows 100% growth inhibition results when various E.coli strains are incubated with lactoferrin. The examination of the use of bovine lactoferrin when applied as a preventative to inhibit infectious disease (I.A. COVID19) is currently planned within the framework of a scheduled study with a well-known university.

Mecurius Production initiated an in vitro measurement of the antiviral activity of lactoferrin on SARS-CoV2. It was shown that lactoferrin achieved 100% neutralisation of SARS-CoV2. The testing was undertaken together with one of the most highly regarded institutes of virology in Germany.

Roland Sossna / IDM

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