Hochwald: Flood update

Date: 19.07.2021Source: IDM

The situation at the German dairy farms in the area of Hochwald Foods and among the employees at the Erftstadt plant is unclear and has not yet been clarified in all cases. As far as milk collection in the crisis region is concerned, since Sunday morning all hauliers have been able to drive their routes again. Particularly in the Eifel region and in the Heinsberg area, there were sometimes considerable restrictions, as hauliers themselves were affected and could not use their vehicles. In addition, road and bridge closures meant that farms could not be reached. Hochwald is also currently not in contact with individual farms, as telephone networks and the internet are not functioning.


The plant  in Erftstadt has been partially flooded. As the plant is located at a slightly higher level than the surroundings, it was not completely  affected by the floods. The plant seems to be functional without major damage. Due to flooding of the municipal sewage treatment plant, a concept was worked out with a service provider to distribute the wastewater by truck to surrounding sewage treatment plants. Hochwald hopes that partial production can be resumed in the course of the week.


The transport routes to and from the plant remain a big problem. State, district and municipalities are working to ensure accessibility in the region and to define alternative routes. Raw milk collected in the crisis region is processed at other Hochwald locations or delivered to neighbouring dairies that have promised their help.

Roland Sossna / IDM

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