DMK Group realigns Alete

Date: 15.10.2020Source: DMK Group

In line with its 2030 strategy, the DMK Group has successfully completed another milestone. Germany’s largest dairy cooperative is realigning the Alete brand it acquired in 2019. By using the new brand name “Alete bewusst” (“conscious Alete”), the brand is taking a very focused step forwards. The traditional brand offers a wide range of products for conscious nutrition, placing great emphasis on organic quality and doing away with the use of palm oil in many different supplementary food products.

Explains Christoph Esch, Managing Director of Humana Vertriebs GmbH, part of the DMK Group:  “Our products are designed to support parents who want to feed their children in a conscious way. As one of the most well-known German brands for baby nutrition, Alete has the ideal qualifications to do this with its decades of expertise in the field of nutrition. By continuing to develop in this way, we have now put ourselves on course to reposition ourselves as part of the DMK strategy. The DMK Group is thus underlining its focus on the market- and consumer-oriented alignment of its business areas in order to achieve profitable growth in future-oriented markets. The market for infant nutrition is one of the most attractive consumer goods markets.

“Alete bewusst supports families in their everyday lives with a selection of different and practical supplementary products. The Alete bewusst portfolio has a wide range of products, including jar food, yoghurts and puddings, milk puddings, cereals and evening porridge, biscuits and snacks. The packaging gives consumers clearly structured information about the ingredients used and tips and information about a conscious nutritional diet to help them find the right products for their children. In addition to this, during the development of new products, attention is paid to ensure no added sugar is used and that the whole Alete portfolio is free of palm oil. Consumers also can also take a look at the new website www.aletebewusst.de where they can see the entire product range and get clear information about the ingredients used. In this way, we have made Alete a modern brand for child nutrition, using sustainable and healthy ingredients for training children’s taste buds.” For more visit dmk.de/en/ 

David Cox / IDM

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