All digitalisation activities combined in the Krones Ecosystem

Date: 08.07.2021Source: Krones



That Krones supports its customers from the beverage and liquid-food sectors in optimising and digitalising their production operations, this is nothing new. In line with the one-stop-shop concept, Krones is now bringing the fields of mechanical engineering and digitalisation even closer together: Its customers will get both from a single source in future, from Krones.


Starting now, everything will take place within the Krones Ecosystem, which will stretch over all the Group’s new machines like an invisible dome and interlink them at the data level. The resulting line and production data will provide the basis for using existing cloud services and other digital solutions that Krones will be offering in future.


A single IIoT platform and Krones.world

The first concrete step will be to locate the existing IIoT platform at Krones. This platform is the key element and the hub of the new portal – Krones.world – which will offer customers central access to Krones’ digital solutions. When beverage producers log on to Krones.world in future, they will be able to access not only all cloud services but also other digital services of the Group, like the Krones.shop, for example. The long-term goal is to bring together all the Group’s digital solutions on a single portal – Krones.world.

Syskron will retain its role as the technical enabler of Krones.world and the services it provides. The Krones subsidiary will continue to operate autonomously within the Group as its digitalisation specialist. However, the first point of contact for all customers and the general partner for everything to do with digitalisation will be Krones. Beverage producers will thus obtain both innovative machine technology and matching digital solutions from one central point of contact in future.


Achieving a better TCO, thanks to the Krones Ecosystem

Logging on to the IIoT platform is the first step into the Krones Ecosystem’s world. Customers who use more than one of the digital applications will be able to reap the full benefits of the digitalisation services provided by Krones. This is because line owners can put together a digitalisation package which is precisely tailored to their specific needs from a variety of cloud services and other solutions – to reduce downtimes, economise on resources, or achieve savings in ongoing operating costs, resulting in a lower TCO, for instance.

Roland Sossna / IDM

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