The power of 90% chickpea protein isolate in dairy alternatives

Date: 26.10.2023Source: ChickP Protein (photo: Nimrod Genisher)

FoodTech start-up ChickP Protein will present prototypes of chickpea-based cheeses at Fi Europe 2023. The company will display a savoury platter of a range of soft, cream, and firm cheese analogues, all crafted using its proprietary 90% chickpea protein isolate. The creations boast the same sensory characteristics of dairy-based cheeses, fully mimicking their appealing aroma, texture, and flavour.

ChickP set a new standard of protein isolate with the development of its highly functional, all natural, chickpea protein isolate to serve the growing demand for plant-based dairy products. ChickP utilises all components of the chickpea, without waste. The isolate embodies a 90% whole-protein composition and provides a powerful nutritional boost to plant-based cheese applications.

Come taste the innovation and learn how ChickP smart protein solutions are revolutionising the alt-dairy landscape. For more visit stand #3.0 J160 at FiE Frankfurt or at chickp-protein.com

David Cox / IDM

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