Spotlight on: Bottle Breakage 101

Date: 25.05.2021Source: American Glass Research

The ‘Spotlight on: Bottle Breakage 101’ webinar, to be held on June 10 & 17, is produced by American Glass Research and is designed to introduce the fundamental concepts of fracture analysis to employees of glass manufacturers, fillers, and distributors.

Through two hours of instruction, this session will cover the relation of glass properties, such as elasticity and strength, to the conditions required for glass breakage. Sources and responses to the four most common loads, including internal pressure, vertical load, impacts, and thermal shock, affecting glass containers will be explored. Fracture surface markings, breaking stress evaluation, and fracture patterns will be explained in a dynamic visual format, culminating in a case study showing how to perform a fracture analysis from start to finish. The webinar is also an ideal refresher for past in-person Fracture 1 participants held by American Glass Research.

This webinar is a live presentation consisting of two 1-hour sessions plus Q&A, and will be conducted by American Glass Research’s Bill Slusser, Director of Research, and Dr. Brandon Aldinger. The live broadcast will be conducted at 9:00 EDT/13:00 GMT/15:00 CEST. The cost is $375 per person. Group discounts are available. For those unable to view the live broadcast, the webinar will be recorded so attendees can replay the presentation at their convenience.

American Glass Research has been conducting fracture analysis seminars for over 80 years and offers a full catalogue of seminars and training sessions designed to augment and improve the skills and knowledge of plant personnel working with glass containers. This webinar is the latest in a series of educational webinars produced by American Glass Research to provide greater accessibility to training and resources vital to the glass container industry.  The availability of the ‘Spotlight on: Bottle Breakage 101’ seminar and other seminars in this series offer a convenient and economical means to continue critical training for plant personnel, particularly in light of travel restrictions and limited budgets. For more visit americanglassresearch.com

David Cox / IDM

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