Better-for-you ice cream

Date: 20.05.2020Source: Beneo



By starting a conversation about what is inside food, brands can re-gain or spark consumers’ interest. No less than 30% of consumers globally check the nutrition label of their ice cream. By reducing total sugar content with Isomalt, a naturally-sourced sugar substitute, you can boost the appeal of ice cream while consumers indulge themselves. Nutrition labels and front-pack claims are one way for the industry to provide consumers with simple, honest messages and help them make more considerate food choices.


By partially replacing sugar, BENEO aims to treat health-conscious consumers to a more balanced snack. With Isomalt you take ideas and recipes for frozen goodness out of the freezer and venture into the segment of guilt-free, dairy-based ice cream with less sugar.


Isomalt is a naturally-sourced sugar replacer and the only one of its kind made from pure beet sugar. It is sugar-free and has only half the calories of sugar. In our recipe for vanilla-flavoured ice cream it was applied to reduce total sugar content by no less than 30 %. Its mild sugar-like sweetness and excellent texturising properties safeguard a pleasant texture & taste and therefore create a moment of indulgence you simply want to share.


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Roland Sossna / IDM

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