Showcasing private label capacity for senior nutrition

Date: 08.11.2023Source: Arla Foods Ingredients

Advanced Nutrition Manufacturing – Arla Foods Ingredients’ manufacturing division – is well known as a third party provider of infant nutrition products. However, it also has the capacity to produce formulated milk powders for adults on a private label basis.

Between 2018 and 2022, China accounted for 85% of new nutrition product launches with a senior positioning, the vast majority of which were formulated milk powders. This reflects the fact that there are over a quarter of a billion people in China over the age of 60, as well as growing awareness of the importance of nutrition for healthy ageing.

Now Arla Foods Ingredients has launched three new formulated powder recipes to demonstrate how its expertise as a private label partner can help manufacturers meet the need for convenient sources of natural dairy nutrients.

Specially formulated to comply with Chinese regulations, they feature added vitamins, minerals and probiotics, as well as high-quality milk and whey protein. Their calcium content is boosted by Capolac®, a natural milk mineral concentrate, while Lacprodan® DI-8090, a whey protein concentrate, provides high-quality protein content:

  • ‘Healthy Ageing Balanced Nutrition’ delivers high-quality protein, milk minerals and probiotics
  • ‘Healthy Ageing Digestive Focus’ is based on partially hydrolysed lactose and a synbiotic blend of probiotics and prebiotics
  • ‘Healthy Ageing Low Fat’ is a low fat option

The recipes can also be customised by introducing other premium ingredients such as organic milk and specialty whey ingredients like milk fat globule membrane (MFGM). Flavours and sweeteners can also be added. Alternatively, Arla Foods Ingredients can produce brand owners’ own recipes in its state-of-the-art facilities in Denmark.

Said Steen Lyck, Director, Advanced Nutrition Manufacturing, Arla Foods Ingredients: “Tens of millions of senior consumers in China are looking for nutrition solutions that can help them stay active for longer. For manufacturers seeking to meet this growing need, private label is often the most convenient, least resource-intensive way to bring new products to market. Our manufacturing division is well known for its infant nutrition expertise but, as these new recipes demonstrate, it also has fantastic capabilities in the healthy ageing space. Arla Foods Ingredients’ partners benefit not just from the highest quality milk ingredients, but also our strong supply chain, and years of expertise in formulating for both powder and liquid formats.”

Arla Foods Ingredients’ Advanced Nutrition Manufacturing Division offers a flexible supply chain set-up that can deliver bulk base powders, bulk finished goods or packed finished goods according to manufacturer requirements.  For more visit arlafoodsingredients.com

David Cox / IDM

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