Date: 26.02.2021Source: SACCO SYSTEM


SACCO SYSTEM has relaunched its website www.saccosystem.com.

Design, aesthetics, and navigation to guide users for a more practical, efficient, and enjoyable experience, allk have been renewed. The new version of the website is designed to improve the user experience by making the navigation more immediate and facilitating access to information about SACCO‘s product portfolios and services.

Within the Food section, you can access the entire range of products for the food industry, a wide range of lactic cultures, microorganisms, probiotics, and enzymes, all to improve food culture and life. Here you will find healthy, natural, and functional products specifically designed for the production of cheeses, fresh and fermented dairy products, cured meats, meat, fish, baked goods, and fermented drinks.

The Probiotics section is dedicated to probiotics for the well-being of people that act on different parts of the body, and also our personalized services for the nutraceutical and pharmaceutical industry such as the production (Custom Fermentation Service) and sale (Licensing) of probiotic strains for third parties.

The Agro-vet section offers a range of products for the agro-veterinary sector to improve animal welfare and performance whilst optimizing the healthiness and quality of livestock products. Respect for maintaining the right balance and harmony in the environment is a core value of all these products.

Roland Sossna / IDM

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