Pro Carton joins the #Greensource initiative

Date: 26.01.2021Source: Pro Carton

#Greensource was created in 2020 as a European-wide effort to explain how the forest-fibre industries can make the 2050 climate neutrality target a reality. Cepi, the Confederation of European Paper Industries, and EPIS, the European Pulp Industry Sector Association, kickstarted the initiative. As a natural evolution of the campaign, Pro Carton – the European Association of Carton and Cartonboard manufacturers – has joined the campaign as one of its co-leaders, bringing the perspective of the fibre-based packaging industry, a key part of the value chain.

With circularity at the heart of its purpose, #Greensource works around three key pillars to showcase the industry’s climate ambitions:

  1. Renewable materials: Forest-based products come from a renewable, natural resource which is managed to let forest grow more than what is harvested and preserve biodiversity.
  2. Responsible industry: We are committed to drastically reducing emissions in our operations and increasing the industry’s already impressive recycling performance.
  3. Climate friendly products: Our products substitute fossil fuel-based materials, they have a direct and immediate positive impact on climate.

The joining of Pro Carton therefore takes #Greensource one step further by representing one of the final steps of the value chain. This addition reflects the truly circular nature of #Greensource: from forest to packaging.

Said Tony Hitchin, General Manager of Pro Carton: “Joining #Greensource was an obvious choice for Pro Carton. The campaign’s core message aligns perfectly with ours by focusing on the sustainability and circularity of the fibre-based industry as a whole… and renewable, recyclable and biodegradable packaging is an essential part of that value-chain. We are delighted to be supporting this initiative as it gives a common voice to all the forest-based products industry.”

2020 was no doubt a year of disruption. It was, of course, the year of COVID-19 where packaging, tissue and hygiene products became essential to EU citizens. It was also the year of the European Green Deal, putting the focus on the ambitious objective of reaching climate neutrality by 2050 in Europe.

Added Jori Ringman, Director General of Cepi: “Our objective through #Greensource is to share information and raise awareness around the power and potential of the forest-fibre industry and how it can contribute to reaching Europe’s climate goals. As a forest-based industry, we save 806 million tons of CO2 per year1 while our products are sourced, manufactured and recycled in Europe with European technology. We are incredibly proud that #Greensource has already reached two million online impressions in 2020, and are confident there will be much more in the year to come! This is why we are also very excited to welcome Pro Carton as they will no doubt contribute to our educational effort bringing more emphasis on consumers.”

Concluded Anna Maija Wessman, Secretary General of EPIS: “One of the core reasons for EPIS joining #Greensource is that the forest industry has innovative solutions to offer in order to contribute to a sustainable lifestyle while making sure that forests keep growing, absorbing CO2 and protecting biodiversity. In 2021, we want to keep emphasising this message and are delighted to collaborate along the value chain welcoming Pro Carton as an important end-use segment for market pulp.”  For more visit procarton.com

David Cox / IDM

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