New standard in antibiotic residue detection with fully automated testing

Date: 02.06.2021Source: DSM

Royal DSM, a global science-based company active in Nutrition, Health and Sustainable Living, today unveils the launch of Delvotest Accelerator Smart – a fully automated system designed to be used in combination with DSM’s internationally validated Delvotest plates to optimize antibiotic residue detection in milk. Delvotest Accelerator Smart is the ideal tool to help milk control laboratories and dairies reduce costs, bolster accuracy and achieve faster, more reliable results, while also preventing milk loss and ensuring complete traceability. Thanks to these benefits, dairy producers can enjoy worry-free production and guarantee that consumer favourites – including milk, cheese and yogurt – are safe, healthy and free from antibiotic residues.

The pressure from governments and consumers alike to carefully manage and monitor the presence of antibiotic residues is growing. With milk and milk products consumed by more than six billion people across the globe, antibiotic residue testing plays an important role in ensuring these products are safe for consumption, in line with global legislation and maximum antibiotic residue limits (MRL).  At the same time, it is crucial that milk control laboratories and dairies can achieve optimal outputs at minimal cost. Maximizing productivity, optimizing workflow, increasing testing volume and decreasing the time it takes to get results are therefore key enablers in meeting these needs, but the options available to facilitate this have long been limited.

Delvotest Accelerator Smart offers the next level of antibiotic residue testing. Thanks to fully automated incubation, determination of control and barcode plate reading, milk control laboratories and dairies can optimise workflows more than ever before. Technicians only need to start the incubation, with no requirement to attend the device during the process – saving up to 40 minutes per plate. With a higher output of samples, the associated labour costs are reduced. Delvotest Accelerator Smart also automatically determines control time and produces readings accordingly to further enhance reproducibility and reliability by lowering the incidence of human errors. Laboratories and dairies can also benefit from complete traceability of the results, due to the automatic results saving feature and detailed reporting – guaranteeing greater confidence and security throughout the supply chain.

In addition, the new Delvotest Accelerator Smart has a compact design, allowing multiple units to be connected to one computer. Easy to store and save space, laboratories of all sizes can access the same high-quality antibiotic residue testing – even where space is at a premium. Plus, as an all-in-one system, there is no need for extra incubation or reading equipment.

Said Ana Lemos, Global Business Manager Milk Tests at DSM: “Consumers place their trust in the milk production industry to deliver safe and healthy milk and milk products, so it is essential that milk control laboratories and dairies ensure testing accuracy and reliability every time. But doing so efficiently and cost-effectively hasn’t always been possible. Under-pinned by extensive expertise, Delvotest Accelerator Smart builds on the features that make Delvotest the ‘gold standard’ in antibiotic residue testing – and takes it to the next level. Automated incubation not only frees up technicians to take on other tasks, but it also produces results quicker and more reliably than traditional methods, ultimately providing the peace of mind that milk is safe and reaching consumers in the best possible condition.” For more visit dsm.com/food-specialties/en_US/products/dairy/delvotest.html 

David Cox / IDM

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