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Date: 23.22.2020Source: Poul Tarp


In the world of dairy, the most ideal solution would be to have the cows placed next to the dairy and hooked up directly to the production line, this way you would not have to worry about milk trucks, farm cooling tanks, farm sampling etc., however, we all know that this is not the case.

Throughout the past century efficiency and industrial revolution has made a drastic cut in the numbers of local dairies and today we are left with a few but huge dairies that collects milk from farms up to 100 km away – this is where your milk trucks and milk collection becomes a key element in your business.

As in many other businesses the dairies are focused on optimizing the outcome of their investments. The key factors when operating a fleet of milk trucks are to have them collect as much milk in the shortest amount of time at the lowest cost and at the same contributing to a better environment.


So what does it take?

First of all, you need to determine how much milk you need to collect, where it is located and if you have the right size milk truck for the job.

Then you need to design a collection route that will allow you to fill your milk truck to the limit before returning to the dairy and at the same time use as little time & fuel as possible when doing so.

Then you need to look at the collection and un-load time. How much time does the truck spent at the farm and how much time at the dairy before it´s ready to return to the road. Is the milk ready at the farm? Is the dairy ready to receive the milk? You need to be able to estimate and continuously adjust the collection route in order to fill the truck and also to adjust the arrival time at the dairy in order to minimize un-loading time and CIP time as much as possible.

Every minute the milk truck is caught up in waiting time at the farm, the dairy, The CIP station etc. the dairy and ultimately the farmer will have a reduced outcome of their investment and this will eventually result in unnecessary costs bringing up the price on the end product most likely because the right logistic tools was not at their disposal.

POUL TARP A/S can help you with the tools and solutions to overcome these tasks. Throughout the past 25 years we have been designing and manufacturing metering systems and software solutions to the dairy sector which will help you become more efficient, reduce cost and improve work environment.

Call or write us now and together we will see what we can do for your business.

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