Hydrogen: Zero emissions and practical

Date: 30.11.2020Source: Emmi

Emmi now has two H2 lorries from Hyundai on the road that run on “green” hydrogen. This technology has the potential to lead freight transport by road to a sustainable future. Hydrogen-powered lorries can be refuelled normally, have a good range and offer sufficient transport capacity.

The company supplies its Swiss customers with fresh dairy products on a daily basis. To do so, around 8,000 pallets have to be taken from A to B every day. We have 140 vehicles in operation for this purpose, which cover a total of 9.3 million kilometres every year. Although we are constantly renewing our lorry fleet and training our drivers in climate friendly driving, this results in considerable CO2 emissions. We have shifted some of our transport to rail in recent years, but this environmentally friendly means of transport has various limitations.

It is therefore very important to us to find an environmentally friendly alternative to conventional diesel lorries. However, until now no means of transport has met the high requirements in terms of transport capacity, range and economy.

As a member of the Association pro H2 mobility Switzerland Emmi are at the forefront of efforts to establish this new mobility technology for freight transport. For example, we have just taken delivery of the first two H2 trucks from the South Korean automobile manufacturer Hyundai. These will now undergo extensive testing in Emmi’s day-to-day fresh products logistics processes. For more visit emmi.com/sustainability

David Cox / IDM

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