Hochland report 2.1% sales growth

Date: 27.04.2021Source: Hochland

Hochland report 2020 sales of €1.632bn, 2.1% up on 2019. Product sales stood at 394,321 tons, 4.2% up on the previous year. EBITDA was €150.42m, 19% up. Own capital is stated at €664.6m in the balance sheet that totals €1.052bn. €75.1m in debts are reported, some €4m higher than in 2019. Hochland employed 5,518 workers (+280) with 2,096 (+ 119) working in Germany.

Hochland are Germany’s no. 2 cheese maker with a markez share of 4.1% (branded). Sales of the Hochland brand increased by 17% in 2020. Hochland Romania have a market share of 22% in cheese and Hochland Russia is the biggest chese maker in the country. In Poland, Hochland claim a market share of 20% in cheese and 53% in processed cheese. In the US, subsidiary Franklin Foods who generate 2/3 of sales in foodservice, suffered and ended 2020with a volume slaes decrease of 10%.

Total advertising spendings of Hochland were €39.9m in2020 while they spent €42.3m in 2019.

Roland Sossna / IDM

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