HAMLET hosts seminars on leadership and nutrition

Date: 10.05.2020Source: Hamlet Protein

In China, Hamlet Protein hosted an on-line event for the Chinese feed industry. Dr. Eugene Li, Technical Director APAC for Hamlet Protein, presented on a range of topics related to piglet feed formulation. Following an on-line poll in preparation of the event, a number of topics was selected for discussion. There was a clear interest in learning about novel ways to address the upcoming ban of AGP-s in China. The experience of Hamlet Protein in Europe in general and Denmark in particular, proved to be very valuable for the participants. With more than 20,000 attendees, the Hamlet Protein reached a record crowd.

Following the huge success, Hamlet Protein will present a series of on-line seminars and meetings in China in the coming weeks, with topics ranging from feed management of Danish breeds, sow milk replacer formulation to the impact of anti-nutritional factors in soy products.

A completely different focus was on display when bestselling author and behavioural scientists Dr. Ben Tiggelaar presented a lecture titled ‘From good ideas to real results.’ Tiggelaar highlighted that changing behaviour of people is key to successfully changing an organisation. The variety in questions and observations during the sessions clearly reflected the different cultural backgrounds of the participants. The drive to successfully implement changes was the common denominator.

In the US, Hamlet Protein organised a webinar addressing the current market situation and outlook. In a discussion facilitated by Joseph Kerns a variety of topics were addressed. Guest speaker Dr. Tim Fakler provided insights on feed ingredient availability in the market, where Hamlet Protein presented an update on its supply chain and manufacturing outlook.

Said Erik Visser, Hamlet Protein CEO: “We want to keep close to our customers, also during these unprecedented times. On-line events, whether for group sessions or smaller meetings, have proven very effective in continuing our technical support to customers around the world. At the same time, we want to be more than a partner on nutrition and health alone and provide some new insights to our business partners, when most of them are working from home. Seminars on leadership and change management have been very much appreciated as an interesting diversion in this challenging period.”  For more visit hamletprotein.com

David Cox / IDM

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