Food Union announces investments in renewable energy sources

Date: 22.07.2021Source: Food Union

Food Union, the international ice cream and dairy production and distribution group, has announced its investments in renewable energy to power its ice cream and dairy operations in the Baltics and Norway.

Said Normunds Staņēvičs, CEO of Food Union, Europe: “The integral importance of ESG within Food Union resulted in our investments in renewable energy resources in two of our leading entities within the group: Premia and Isbjørn Is. As one of the leading ice-cream and dairy producers in the Baltic region with a growing global presence, we constantly monitor and review pathways to limit our environmental impact and seek out alternative renewable energy sources to balance our energy needs as we continue to grow.”

Premia, a Food Union company and Estonia’s oldest and largest ice cream producer, has transitioned to 100% renewable energy resources, like solar, to power its operations. Premia’s journey toward greener production had many stages, including the instalment of automated LED lights and the introduction of Fusebox virtual power plant solution that reduces electricity consumption.

Added Aivar Aus, Chairman of the Management Board of Premia: “We are thrilled to announce our investments in renewable energy sources and plan to continue bringing our customers the best ice cream possible. Premia is the largest ice cream producer in Estonia, and we understand that we must do everything we can to minimise the environmental impact of our production and operations.”

Premia produces around 5,000 tons of ice cream annually and operates 9 production lines. Its commitment to 100% renewable energy coupled with its power saving solutions will reduce its factory and freezer warehouse CO2 emissions by more than 95% annually or 2,800 tons. Solar energy has long been the fastest-growing power alternative for energy-intensive businesses and the company’s investment in renewables is only one component of Food Union’s integrated approach to sustainability.

Isbjørn Is, a Food Union company based in Norway, has also committed to using renewable energy in its operations. In 2019 Isbjørn Is invested in 360 solar panels, constructed on its warehouse facility roof. This investment generates 68,904 kWh annually — the equivalent to offsetting approximately 48.2 tons of CO2 emissions.

Concluded Morten Kolseth, CEO, Isbjørn Is: “At Isbjørn Is, we aim to grow our business locally while reducing the environmental impact of our operations. Utilizing renewable energy sources is a key ingredient in reducing our carbon footprint now and as we expand in the future.”  For more visit foodunion.com

David Cox / IDM

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