Consumer trends to help turn market disruption into opportunities

Date: 31.08.2023Source: Givaudan

Mounting inflationary pressures, climate change and the shadow of Covid-19 are rapidly changing the way consumers make decisions about their health, values and habits. Working with Canvas8 for the first time, Givaudan’s latest FlavourVision® report explores these shifts through five consumer macro trends:

  • Green for me: turning to eco-actions that feel personal and relevant
  • Restorative care: adopting more intuitive restorative approaches to health
  • Stable connections: looking for a sense of stability and continuity, leaning on hyper-local and me-first mindsets
  • Sensorial renaissance: wanting to ‘feel’ more and seeking experiences that expand the boundaries of what is expected and possible
  • Augmented assistance: looking for proactive and personalised digital tools to help navigate and optimise life

In addition to gathering exclusive data from around the globe, the FlavourVision® 2023 edition draws on expertise from world-renowned experts in design, anthropology, futurology, holistic-wellbeing, sustainability and sensorial research. Each macro trend was analysed, explored and developed by a trend ambassador with recognised experience in their respective field. To ensure relevancy, the macro-trends were then validated and future-proofed with the help of leading experts and futurists from the Food & Beverage industry.

Commented Thomas Ullram, Global Marketing Director, Givaudan Taste & Wellbeing: “We are really excited to share the new FlavourVision® with our customers. This new edition builds on the success we’ve had with the FlavourVision programme since it was established over 15 years ago. The depth of insight in this new update is remarkable and provides such valuable knowledge that will really help in co-creating innovative food experiences. A culmination of extensive global research, data analysis, and vast expertise, FlavourVision® acts as a guiding light for partners and customers, empowering them to transform confusion and disruption into certainty and opportunity in line with consumer needs and desires.”

Givaudan will be offering a sneak peek into the research via a mini-report exploring the ‘Augmented assistance’ macro trend.   Developed in consultation with cyborg anthropologist Amber Case, one of the most influential women in technology, this deep dive will explore the many ways consumers are looking for augmented forms of assistance to relieve the frenetic demands of daily life. Readers will get a sense of the consumer data that’s driving the macro-trend, and examples of how it is being expressed by brands in innovative ways. For more visit : givaudan.com/taste-wellbeing/co-creation-innovation/tools-programmes/flavourvision

David Cox / IDM

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