Dairy Processors Report

Date: 20.11.2020Source: IFCN
IFCN has created the world’s first dairy processor report: a fact list that makes dairy companies comparable with a focus on our planet, people and profits. Instead of repeating opinions, IFCN provides thought-leaders with facts:

·         the world’s Top-20 dairy processors performance related to People, Planet and Profit parameters.

·         15 Parameters on the Profit dimension include the companies’ profitability (EBITDA margin, net profit) as an indicator of the company’s contribution to their respective owners.

·         the report covers the People dimensions with 6 measures like employment offered and salaries and pension contributions paid.

·         on the Planetside, the various companies’ plans on reducing their greenhouse gas emissions are listed and compared with 3 parameters.


IFCN will introduce the report in a webinar on 1 December. They also have compiled a brochure – download.

Roland Sossna / IDM

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