Chr. Hansen launches global science-based online platform on probiotics

Date: 31.05.2021Source: Chr Hansen

The Probiotics Institute by Chr. Hansen is a new global online platform dedicated to educate and inspire about the world of probiotics and the human microbiome.

With more than 55 million hits on ‘probiotics’ online, it can be hard to find science-based information from trustworthy sources. As an industry leader, Chr. Hansen is therefore launching The Probiotics Institute – a new platform providing educational and scientific content on probiotics and the human microbiome.

As the interest in probiotics and the microbiome continues to grow – not least during the past year where the world has found itself in unprecedented times – so does the number of misconceptions about probiotics and their benefits. A new initiative from Chr. Hansen, the world’s most sustainable biotech company, sets out to demystify and provide information about probiotics to healthcare professionals and B2B customers on a global scale.

Going live today, The Probiotics Institute by Chr. Hansen is a new global online platform dedicated to educate and inspire about the world of probiotics and the human microbiome. The aim is to provide relevant and engaging content on probiotics and the probiotic strains and solutions scientifically documented. Available first in English and, subsequently, in several other languages, the information is presented in an easily understandable format.

In addition to the global version, Chr. Hansen is also launching The Probiotics Institute (China), a service in Chinese specifically designed to match the needs of the Chinese market only. At the same time, a locally hosted version of Chr. Hansen’s official website, in Chinese, is underway with expected launch during June. A local Chinese server hosting the corporate website will make it easier for Chinese stakeholders to access the information on the website considerably faster and more smoothly.

Said Christian Barker, executive vice president of Chr. Hansen’s Health & Nutrition Division: “We are excited to launch this platform across a number of important markets to provide an even better service and inspiration to our B2B customers and health care professionals. We have a strategic ambition to shape the global probiotics market through scientific leadership and expansion into new B2B customer groups and segments, and this initiative should be seen as a step in that direction.”

The Probiotics Institute is designed to give visitors the optimal user experience. The platform provides scientific information about the usage and different benefits of probiotics, ranging from infants to seniors, and includes a guide for choosing the right probiotics.

Added Kevin Mehring, senior vice president for Human Health, Chr. Hansen: “It is our ambition that The Probiotics Institute will foster the engagement of users and become a natural forum of reference and interaction for healthcare professionals and professional science communities. We know that it can be challenging for healthcare professionals and our business partners to distinguish reliable evidence from many conflicting scientific studies of varying quality. We want to help them make informed choices in the probiotic jungle. We will do this by providing high-quality content on The Probiotics Institute, relevant for professionals needing information, scientific data or educational content within the field of probiotics.

Concluded Mehring: “As a leader in the probiotics industry we want to demonstrate Chr. Hansen’s commitment to education and increase the general awareness about probiotics with healthcare professionals and our B2B customers, based on our scientific approach to research and innovation.”  For more visit global.theprobioticsinstitute.com/en

David Cox / IDM

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