Cheese maker in new ownership

Date: 03.07.2020Source: IDM


Holtseer Landkäserei has been set up by a consortium of entrepreneurs to take over the business of the local dairy co-op in Holtsee, northern Germany. The cheese making co-op has lost farmers in the wake of the Russian embargo from which it did not recover as 50% of sales were made from exports to Russia. Over time, neighbouring whey and milk processor Lactoprot has sold milk to the co-op to keep it running.

In April an asset deal was made: the co-op sold its operative business and received a guaranteed milk price. The consortium is made up from Tim and Steffen Rode, the Danish Olesen brothers and Sönke Voss, former CEO of Molkerei Ammerland and formerly also one of DMK’s top managers. The majority in  Holtseer Landkäserei is owned by Stefan Rode who is also owner of Lactoprot.

Holtseer Landkäserei make 9,000 tons of traditionally produced semi-hard cheese (i.e. Tilsit), generating sales of €45m.

Roland Sossna / IDM

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