Celebrating 120 years of excellence

Date: 18.10.2023Source: International Dairy Federation

The International Dairy Federation (IDF) proudly celebrates its 120th anniversary. Since its inception in September 1903, IDF has been at the forefront of advancing the dairy industry, championing scientific expertise, and fostering crucial collaborations among key stakeholders.

Over the past 120 years, IDF has been a beacon of quality and innovation, dedicated to ensuring that milk and milk products contribute to the nutrition, health, and well-being of consumers worldwide. As we take this moment to reflect on our rich history, we also look ahead to the future with a resolute commitment to maintaining the highest standards in the dairy industry.

The IDF’s primary mission has been to represent the dairy sector at the international level and provide a trusted source of scientific expertise and knowledge working to support the development and promotion of quality milk and milk products, ensuring that consumers receive safe and nutritionally valuable goods.

A cornerstone of IDF’s legacy has been the establishment and advancement of international standards for the dairy sector. Through close collaboration with key stakeholders, IDF has consistently strived to uphold safe, sustainable, and fair-trade practices within the industry. By sharing our expertise, knowledge, and best practices, we have fostered harmonization and excellence across the global dairy landscape.

As the organisation embarks on the next chapter of its journey, they remain dedicated to fostering collaboration with members, experts, and stakeholders worldwide to propel the dairy sector forward. For more visit fil-idf.org

David Cox / IDM

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