CarobWay explores the hidden gems of carob, sustainably

Date: 01.09.2021Source: CarobWay

FoodTech and agriTech start-up CarobWay, Ltd. is bringing carob from the Bible to the modern table as a super-nutritious, highly sustainable food crop. The company cultivates locally grown carob trees to boost carob-based product development. The CarobWay start-up paves the way to sustainable, advanced agriculture, while guaranteeing fair-trade return to the growers. The result is a resilient food system that is beneficial to all partners in the supply chain.

Global warming, environmental stresses, and other limitations demand increased attention to minor or neglected crops, especially a multifunctional crop such as carob (Ceratonia siliqua L.). Carob is a highly resilient species of tree that flourishes in arid climates, mostly in Africa and Asia. Genotypes of the carob tree demonstrate great tolerance to drought, low soil fertility, brackish water, pollution, and high temperatures (up to 50°C).

Said Udi Alroy, CEO and Co-founder of CarobWay: “The key ingredient in developing a sustainable carob crop is using advanced agriTech knowhow to grow the trees more intensively and efficiently. Today, most carob trees are grown in forests and require intensive human labour. We optimise the cultivation process from the seedling stage through harvest, using less labour, refined irrigation, and mechanical harvesting.”

CarobWay will employ industrialised harvesting via a variety of technologies developed from other crops cultivated in the region.

Continued Alroy: “We can potentially grow this super-crop on arid land, which covers 46 percent of the surface of the planet.”

CarobWay takes its eco-supportive model even further. The company’s business model is founded on long-term business relationships.

Concluded Alroy: “Growers should get a safe, stable income as they invest in the future of food. With climate change, increasing wildfires, and diminishing water supplies, farmers are on the frontline, taking all the responsibility in the supply chain. We’re going to change that, by creating a complete value chain that is beneficial to all partners involved from grove to table. We are currently establishing long-term business arrangements with global partners.”

CarobWay engages in multi-annual supply agreements to enable a stable and secure supply chain of a variety of healthy ingredients derived from carob for food and supplement manufacturers around the world.

Commented Guido Schaer, Co-founder and CTO: “This focus on ownership of the whole-value chain from farm to fork enables us to provide fully controlled, sustainable products on a continuous basis.”   For more visit carobway.com


David Cox / IDM

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