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Date: 09.09.2020Source: Agrana Fruit



As part of its 2020 Consumer Megatrend, Live Intense, AGRANA Fruit has published a new entry on its trendblog which focuses on “World foods” and its ability to help consumers to travel without leaving home, especially during uncertain times like this.

In recent years, travelling has increased steadily. In addition to consumers getting used to broadening their horizons when it comes to food and beverages, they also want to discover new things when they are at home – even more so during times of lockdowns or travel restrictions because of COVID-19. For example 64% of US consumers said they love to discover flavors from other countries (FMCG Gurus). In addition diversity in food helps to overcome feelings of boredom and works as a distraction. In this trendblog AGRANA Fruit also explores emerging cuisines which are currently in the spotlight.

“World foods” creates many opportunities that food manufacturers, retailers and food service operators can tap on to provide diversity to consumers through food. To respond to this growing trend, AGRANA Fruit can offer its customers a wide range of solutions for delivering diversity through food by offering solutions for snacking, indulgence and affordable treats which evoke excitement and give consumers a multi-sensory experience through exotic ingredients and flavors from all around the world. To read the full trendblog, visit: https://international.trendblog.agrana.com/en/af-fruit-trends/world-foods

Roland Sossna / IDM

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