AGRANA Fruit addressing healthy and convenient snack options

Date: 11.11.2020Source: Agrana Fruits

As part of AGRANA Fruits latest Consumer Megatrends the company has published the trendblog ‘Seek Control’ which focuses on the shift towards at-home consumption of snacks due to Covid-19.

With increasing complexity and uncertainty in the world, consumers seek to control whatever they can. Consumers use apps, smartwatches and other devices to keep an eye on calorie intake, movement, blood pressure and many other parameters. Snacking is one form of consumption linked to this trend. It has constantly gained popularity among consumers of all age groups in recent years. A big shift is happening now in snacking because of Covid-19. The consumption of snacks has moved from out-of-home or even on-the-go to at-home consumption.

As consumers get more conscious about their snacking choices, fruit- and vegetable-based snacks are gaining popularity. They offer a perfect balance between an indulgent treat to escape the routine and a healthy functional product providing them an energy boost. AGRANA Fruit offers a very broad product portfolio related to fruit (and partially vegetable) snacks fitting to current consumer needs. The range includes fruit purees, dried fruits, frozen fruit and fruit bites or fruit leather. For more visit: international.trendblog.agrana.com/en/af-fruit-trends/seek-control

David Cox / IDM

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