Affirming commitment to sustainable supply chains with new deforestation-free services

Date: 23.05.2024Source: FoodChain ID

FoodChain ID has announced its Deforestation-free Services to support food supply chain participants’ compliance with European Union (EU) Regulation 2023/1115, commonly known as EUDR, and the demand from brands and retailers to source from deforestation-free supply chains. With over 25 years of sustainability experience in the food industry, FoodChain ID’s Deforestation-free Services comprise both due diligence of supply chains and verification of compliance, including audits.

EUDR was initiated to reduce the EU’s contribution to greenhouse gas emissions and biodiversity loss. The regulation requires any operator or trader who places the identified commodities or their derivatives on the EU market, or exports from the EU market, to prove that the products do not originate from recently deforested land or have contributed to forest degradation. According to the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations, the agricultural sector is responsible for 73 percent of deforestation worldwide.

The company’s Deforestation-free Services help food manufacturers and brands in regulatory compliance, as well as in their pursuit of forest land preservation and a healthy planet. Based on the regulatory requirements and FoodChain ID’s expertise in the food industry supply chain, services will immediately address the required commodities and derivatives of cattle, cocoa, soy, palm oil and coffee. FoodChain ID offers due diligence services, including supply chain documentation review, geolocation data acquisition, deforestation risk assessments using remote sensing technology and identification of risk mitigation needs. FoodChain ID also offers a verification service for claims submitted during due diligence, assessments of high-risk suppliers and audits.

Said Ruud Overbeek, PhD, Senior Vice President for Corporate Development and Strategic Relationships, FoodChain ID: “FoodChain ID’s Deforestation-free Services are an extension of our 25+ years of experience in sustainability services for the food industry and their supply chains. For example, the services align with our ReSeed partnership to monetise and deploy deforestation-free, regenerative practices with farmers. We are constantly evaluating our services and understand the agile approach required to keep up with the ever-changing regulatory landscape and to protect our planet.”

Added Conor Kearney, CEO, FoodChain ID: “FoodChain ID’s vision is to be the most trusted provider of tailored technology, insights and expertise in the food industry. By equipping food manufacturers and brands with the right services and expertise to comply with EU Regulation 2023/1115, we are fulfilling our mission for a transparent food supply chain.”  For more visit foodchainid.com

David Cox / IDM

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